Thursday, September 19, 2013

A Trip to the Moon

Yesterday I saw A Trip to the Moon by G. Mellies.  I have never seen anything like this for my entire life. It was the first time I saw moving pictures. Even though I didn’t understand some parts of the film I think the movie itself was magical. I cannot imagine how people could create this. Everything had a very realistic look. The effects, the decorations I cannot find an explanation how people could come up with ideas like these. I absolutely adore A Trip to the Moon. It definitely changed my life. The plot and the characters of the film were also exclusive.  Those creatures from the moon – I love them. Overall, this film definitely made me feel like I was having a trip to the moon. This film is an amazing invention and I hope that I’ll get chance to watch this film one more time.

I think that people from that century were definitely amazed by this film. Visual effects, music, plot and all the things that were created by Mellies had probably the biggest impact on people’s lives. At that time we didn’t have neither computers, nor technologies like we have now. A person from that age probably thought that A Trip to the Moon was a miracle. I chose A Trip to the Moon, because this film also amazes me. It’s probably my favorite from early collection of cinema. The thing why it’s so distinguishable is that at that time a trip to the moon for a human was a dream – an impossible thing and now it’s reality. The film made people believe that we can try to reach things that at first sight seem impossible to achieve.