Friday, December 20, 2013

New Era

It’s hard to name this era of film. The main reason why, is because too many changes within short period of time have happened.

At first, I want explore the fact how many studios got closed. 2 big companies control everything. We have big 6 of film studios, when a couple of years ago we had a dozen of them. It’s hard to judge, but all money comes out and comes back to those 2 companies now, only multiplied by a big number. You’d ask, is it fair? It’s not, but nobody cares as we’re in the age where Internet and advertising business have a power to achieve almost everything. New technologies and its cost is what make the biggest difference. Spectacles amaze people and have the biggest effect on the society. That is why the market is filled with unrealistic production? Let’s look what we can see in the cinema tonight: 6 of 10 movies going to be about either superheroes or fantasy themed.

Another big thing and what makes this era so distinguishable is social network. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Youtube – are things that youth cannot imagine their lives without. These portals are places where changes happen – new things are being changed by another ones. Places where info is shared within every mili-second. When one second you with your production can become a big hit and another nobody knows about you. This is what changes our lives and media. When a Youtuber becomes an occupation, when a blogger becomes world-wide known celebrity – this is our Era. Internet is the key answer.

In addition to that was talked in that documentary about piracy. It’s already become a big thing. One click and movie is on your laptop within minutes. Can it be called a theft? We could say that – but overall nobody gets hurt materially except for those 2 big companies who also share the same stuff online usually for free (Youtube music videos for example)

Overall, internet is alive only for about 20 years. It’s just a start. Everything is still going to develop and change. We can watch that becoming a reality and try to guess what’s going to be in the future.