Saturday, April 4, 2015

"How has the relationship between artist and audience evolved due to technology?"

Being 90's kid and experiencing the change of the relation between the artists and the ones on the other side of the screen indeed has been amazing. Social networks became the easiest and the most affordable tool for marketing and promotion. A rare "star" doesn't have a twitter, or other internet account where they would be socializing with their followers.

I remember back in 2009, when the whole social networking was just growing, the best way for me to get to know what's going in the media world was through the fan-sites, where people would post candid photos, photo shoots and etc. posts about their favorite shows, films, actors and actresses. When facebook and twitter became popular, the same celebrities created their own accounts and started to share their daily lives with the public. Producers and those behind them saw this as a great tool for promotion purposes and at the end whole #twitter network came to our screens.

It's a nice trend that "#" became especially popular among the public competitions like "Dancing with the stars", "The Voice", "American Idol" and etc where the "real" drama takes place. Taking into account how popular these shows became thanks to the social media, no wonder why these programs have been renewed multiple times.

However, twittermania is not limited just to it and has expanded also into narrative, long-run tv series. From shows like Revenge, The Vampire Diaries, The Games of Thrones and etc. The main actors get involved with the discussions that the fan base fires up. According to one of the articles, one the actresses admitted that she hates to stare at herself on the screen, so she spends the whole running time talking to the fans on twitter. This sounds so nice, but it reveals the controversy how can you enjoy the whole show experience, when at the same time you're trying to put as many "#" on your device as possible? Another thing that was brought up about the bad side of social media was spoilers. When you are a fan, and maybe a little bit off on what's happening, It is really easy to find out what did happen on your fav show as people are constantly talking about some cool thing, discussing, and it is not that easy not to see what is really happening.

It seems that this whole media thing is going to grow and expand. Now the same shows are even bringing twitter screen into the tv screen. It is also an international thing. Similar reality shows in Europe are using # for a really long time now, but yesterday, I was watching an Australian cooking show with a small twitter screen where peoples' tweets I could read myself.

And it is not the end. The competitions like the shorty awards promoting "The Game of throes" or other show, live tweeting and etc. will continue to shrink the gap between the artist and the viewer. I don't mind any of the social networks, but I don't also think it has a huge impact on the stuff I choose to watch. Knowing that in today's world, if you want to be famous, you have to live on the internet, I think it is crucial for celebrities to be online with their viewers, but I can only imagine how much effort and time all of this takes.

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