Sunday, May 10, 2015


*What pieces do you think are particularly remarkable in how they create content or a shared experience between creators and audience/creators?

Through my personal experience, I would think Harry Potter transmedia example with RPG forums would stand as a great example. Also, Lizzy Diaries. These Transmedian experiences let the people to experience the stories in another dimension and let feel closer to fictional characters

*What examples do you see as being particularly creative or innovative in their use of technology within the art? Lizzy Diaries for sure. The fact on how many different platforms it has been produced is fascinating and it opened a completely new genre for people to explore.

*What questions seem to arise, either from the articles or from your own thoughts? What other transmedia examples have you come across or can find?
I would ask the extent of the transmedia and is it going to growth? There is a solid amount of examples, however, transmedia is still not a super known thing to begin with. What impact is it going/is having on our lives? Will it expand and become a part of virtual reality? The other examples I could say is The Hollow - a project mashing documentary, digital storytelling, photography, audio and interactive mapping.

*What are examples of marketing pieces that aren't really transmedia storytelling and how do you tell them apart? I think Hunger Games or True Blood. These franchises definitely used transmedia storytelling idea in purpose of marketing. Bringing stuff into the web through different platforms let these project reach way bigger audiences and in a long run encouraged people to get to these stories and become a part of their fan communities

*Did transmedia storytelling exist before the internet - and if you think so, how? I think yes but I probably wouldn't call it transmedia. The example would be a book, and people recreating/rewriting or doing their own interpretations of something in a different form. Could be a story and someone recreating it in a "pretend" game or a fan's written addition to an existing book. All of this wasn't put online, but people collaboratively added pieces to a story and expanded it in a way transmedia does today.
My project will be a version of Anthony Bourdain travel show episode Traverse City, where I with a help of my friends will try out different dining/touristy experience and try to promote it online.

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